Saturday 22 October, 8pm

Tom Ellard - Electronic

Tom Ellard wagged school to cut his first album in 1979. Since then he’s been active in a parade of musical movements – from ‘post punk’, through ‘industrial’, to live video and interactive works. In 1979 he founded Severed Heads – rightly regarded as one of the most influential experimental and electronic bands in Australia, having pioneered the use of tape loops and samples in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Tom Ellard continues to forge an innovative career that stretches across three decades.

His path has always been underpinned by a determination to push music into every context it can possibly occupy.

What to expect!

Electronic will be a performance of sound and image. Vision will be projected onto a large screen, as if a motion picture created 'on the fly'. Musicians will use keyboards and computers to create the show in real time. Technology based, but not about technology, extraordinary images of strange metal flowers, ancient photographs, planets and unusual flights of birds will be seen. The work can be viewed as a very large and intricate music box full of odd characters.

Versions of Electronic have previously travelled the world, performed in intimate, seated rooms to large dance parties. Tom's work spans art galleries, film festivals and concert halls.

This is the first time the work has been presented in Sydney, and will be one of the rare occassions audiences can see Tom Ellard live.

If you want to experience something musically unique, come along to what will be a fascinating performance.


Explore Tom Ellard's / Severed Heads music at Youtube

Also featuring Special Guests - Est Et Non

$35 Adult
$27 Concession
$20 Student

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